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I gave one card to a friend... He called me today and said he usually pays $238 for a three month supply of his medications. He used the card and ended up paying only $20.91. This was a HUGE money saving experience for him. He has used other cards to help with the cost but this was the best of all. That will keep over $800 in his pocket over the course of a year! Thank you,

Bonnie A.

I've been without health insurance for over a year, paying over $400 per month for prescriptions that keep me alive. I've often had to choose between my medications and food. Last month, I used the PrescriptionCoupon.com card and SAVED OVER $200. I couldn't believe it. Thanks Scrips4Less. Me and my family no longer have to make difficult choices in such trying times.

Reynold S.

My wife had to get a prescription from Walmart for Keppra, which is a seizure medicine. Regular price would have been $111.68. Using the card brought the cost down to $44.86. That's a savings of $66.72. All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!

Jim and Mary W.

I just wanted to let you know about the big savings I had using the Scrips4Less Discount RX Card. The brand name of the medication is Protonix 40 mg. tablets, the generic name is Pantoprazole 40 mg. tablets. The original price was $125.00. Last month I used a competitor's card and paid $56.07 at Walgreens. Over the weekend I used the Scrips4Less Prescription Coupon card and paid $19.43 at Walgreens. I saved $105.57 on just this one prescription. I am so blessed. Thanks!

Sharon F.

My doctor gave me a coupon for $5 off for an inhaler I need to control my asthma. I found a coupon at PrescriptionCoupon.com for the same inhaler and had my pharmacist compare the cost. The Prescription Coupon saved me over $30. Now my doctor is sending people to your site rather than giving out those stupid cards. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this program.

Cavan S.

The Walgreens by my house has a sign out saying "Join our Rx Discount Club for $5." I chuckled and shook my head. Last week I had the flu and was out for a few days. I took my Prescription Coupon card to Publix and saved $45 on a $70 medication. Not too shabby. Even the pharmacist was impressed. Can't thank you enough!

Christopher L.

I'm a senior and find myself without prescription drug coverage at certain times of the year. I'm also on a fixed income that barely allows me to pay for my drugs even with coverage. Without it, I have struggled, until now that is. I found your online card and took it to my pharmacist with my last order. He and I were both shocked that using your card, I actually paid less than my drug copays with my coverage!

Debbie R.

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